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Electrocardiogram Or ecg test is a basic test to check the general functioning of the heart. It is a simple test that requires not much assistance and immediate results are obtained. This ecg test is conducted at the blood test center in Greater Kailash 1, by the name of Nagalikar Diagnostic Scanning Centre. Both these tests are an integral part of the diagnostics for any individual. It is recommended that prevention is better than cure therefore to maintain this it is mandatory to conduct an annual health check for every individual. Better to be careful than repent later.

At the Nagalikar Diagnostic Scanning Centre blood test center in Greater Kailash 1, all pathology and radiology tests are conducted at the premises. An annual health check entails that both these tests are conducted so as to give a more comprehensive picture of the condition of one’s bodily health. For example, a simple blood test will not identify the stones in one’s kidneys. It may show infection and some abnormality, but the stones can be identified only through radiological imaging. In this case, it would be an ultrasound. Hence annual health check including the ecg test should be conducted at the blood test center in Greater Kailash 1 at Nagalikar Diagnostic Scanning Centre.

The Nagalikar Diagnostic Scanning Centre diagnostics center is situated in the heart of south Delhi and is famous for the Health packages that it is providing. All the health packages are combinations of tests to ensure the complete health viability of the patient. These tests are a combination of pathology tests and radiological imaging. It is important that every individual undergoes this annual checkup so as insure against any upcoming disease or deficiency. A visit to the website at helvetiadiagnostics.com will reveal all the packages available and the testing facilities available at the center.

Happimed Logo
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